Hello Summer! BKBX Giving Drive

Supporting the Artists, Audiences, and Collaborators of our 2022 Programs

Your donation of ANY SIZE makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE! All donations help to support the artists of our 2022 programs both on tour and in NYC, as well as our Leadership Pay Initiative, which will ensure a sustainable future for our organization through fair compensation. Let's get to 50 donors! To say thank you, SAVE THE LINK in your confirmation note for a YouTube video of our April Maintage, TAKE SHAPE, which will go live on Thursday, June 23rd at 8pm EST! After the premiere, it can be watched on demand any time through the month of July. To learn more about where your money goes, visit us at brokenboxmime.com, or email us at brokenboxmime@gmail.com to ask about our current projects, upcoming programs, or how we budget our values!