Spring Giving Drive!

Support BKBX's Upcoming 2021 Programming

Spring is all about last year's seeds coming to fruition! For this year's Spring Giving Drive, your tax-deductible donation will support the centerpiece of BKBX's spring programming: BKBXKids! Asks Why. Developed in a 2-week residency (IN PERSON!) and shared virtually June 20th and beyond, this piece will blur the line between kids and mainstage programming, using BKBX's power of collaborative physical storytelling to explore difficult questions about racism, empathy, and big feelings. To see more about where your money goes, email us at brokenboxmime@gmail.com to learn more about the project, our upcoming season, and how we are budgeting our values. Here's to the power of our collective imagination! Thank you for your support.